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I wanted to know if there is a way to call the Azure Machine Learning webservice using JavaScript Ajax.

The Azure ML gives sample code for C#, Python and R.

I did try out to call the webservice using JQuery Ajax but it returns a failure.

I am able to call the same service using a python script.

Here is my Ajax code :


        url: webserviceurl,

        type: "POST",           

        data: sampleData,            


        headers: {


        "Authorization":"Bearer " + apiKey                       


        success: function (data) {



        error: function (data) {

           console.log('Failure ' +  data.statusText + " " + data.status);



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You can  wrap your Azure ML webservice on Azure API is one option.

But, what I did was that I created a python webservice which calls the Azure webservice.

So now my HTML App calls the python webservice which calls Azure ML and returns data to the HTML App.

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