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I did a git commit but I have not pushed it to the repository yet. So when I do git status, I get '# Your branch is ahead of 'master' by 1 commit.

So if I want to roll back my top commit, can I just do:

git reset --hard eb27bf26dd18c5a34e0e82b929e0d74cfcaab316

given that when I do git log I get:

commit eb27bf26dd18c5a34e0e82b929e0d74cfcaab316

Date:   Tue Sep 29 11:21:41 2009 -0700

commit db0c078d5286b837532ff5e276dcf91885df2296

Date:   Tue Sep 22 10:31:37 2009 -0700

2 Answers

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In case you haven't pushed your changes to remote

$ git reset HEAD~1

Now check whether the working copy is clean by git status or you have pushed your changes to remote

$ git revert HEAD

Note: This command will revert or remove the last one commit or change and then you can push

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The following command worked out for me.
Use this command to reset it to whatever the origin was at.

$ git reset --hard origin/master

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