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I am able to connect tableau with my database but the table size is really large here. Every time I try to load the table into the tableau, it is crashing and I am not able to find any workaround. The table size varies from 10 million - 400 million rows. How should I approach this issue any suggestion?

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  • Solution for optimising Tableau to work with very large datasets (1 billion+ rows): Google BigQuery, which is essentially a managed data warehouse.

  • Upload data to BigQuery (you can append multiple files into a single table).

  • Link that table to Tableau as an external data source

  • Tableau then sends SQL-like commands to BigQuery whenever a new 'view' is requested. The queries are processed quickly on Google's computing hardware, which then sends a small amount of information back to Tableau.

  • This method allows visualizing a 100gb mobile call record dataset with ~1 billion rows on a MacBook.

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