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I am new to web3.js and solidity. My question is related to the way we search on the block-chain. It is easy to search for a particular contract if we know the contract address. However, how can we find and identify a specific type of contract using the address used to create the contracts in the first place?

For eg. I have a contract ContractA which is created by 'from' address AddressA using web3.js. Now I want to find all the instances of ContractA created by AddressA.

I tried searching using web3.eth.filter API but noting ever returns. Please help.

I also read about using registry pattern to store all the contracts and ask the registry, but couldn't find any useful example.

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No, there's no easy way to do this exact thing. web3.eth.filter can be used to apply filters on contract address, or they can be used to search across transaction logs (events emitted by a contract) where the sender is in the topic list.

If you want all transactions submitted by a specific address, you have to traverse each block on the chain and examine each transaction within each block to see if from is set to the address you're interested in.

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