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I am loading a CSV file via Static Resourced to test my APEX code. I am using the following code in my test:

List<Territory_Zip_Code__c> territoryData = Test.loadData(Territory_Zip_Code__c.sObjectType, TERRITORY_ZIP_CODES_STATIC_RESOURCE_NAME);

The first few lines of the CSV file look like so:




I am getting the following error:

System.StringException: Unknown field: Territory__c

Territory__c is a valid API field name for my custom sObject.

I've also tried adding the sObject name in front of the field name, like My_Territory__c.Territory__c but that didn't work either.

In addition, I tried using the field name, instead of the API name (for example, Territory) but that didn't work either.

There are lots of examples of using Test.loadData with built-in sObjects, such as Account and Contacts, but no examples showing custom sObjects. I'm starting to think this just isn't possible with custom objects.

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You could use test.loadData as it works with custom objects. As in your example, the test data CSV header needs the field names.

I feel your code could be altered as I use a List which seems to work:

List<sObject> testdata = Test.loadData(MyCustomObject__c.sObjectType, 'mytestdatafile');

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