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I've just started using R and I'm not sure how to incorporate my dataset with the following sample code:

sample(x, size, replace = FALSE, prob = NULL)

I have a dataset that I need to put into a training (75%) and testing (25%) set. I'm not sure what information I'm supposed to put into the x and size? Is x the dataset file, and size how many samples I have?

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To split a dataset into a training and a testing set, you can do the following:

To split the mtcars dataset into a training set(75%) and testing set(25%):


sample_size <-  floor(0.75 * nrow(mtcars))

mtcars <- mtcars[sample(nrow(mtcars)), ] 

mtcars.train <- mtcars[1:sample_size, ]

mtcars.test <- mtcars[(sample_size+1):nrow(mtcars), ] 




Training set:


Test set:


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