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I have pushed JSON documents like below:


"Apartment_Area": "kengeri",

 "Apartment_bhk": "2bhk",

 "Apartment_owner": "yuvraj",

 "Apartment_forSale": "sold_out"



 "Apartment_Area": "madiwala",

 "Apartment_bhk": "1bhk",

 "Apartment_owner": "yuvraj",

 "Apartment_forSale": "for_sale"


now I am trying to search both 1bhk and 2bhk from an elastic search using below query it gives me both 1bhk and 2bhk of JSON data.


Now I am trying to fetch 1bhk with the name yuvraj, which mean I only want to see the data of 1bhk who's name is yuvraj.

what would be the query for this any idea?

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Found the answer from this Documentation - Finding Multiple Exact Values

Try a POST to /_search?pretty with this body provided below:


    "query" : {

        "constant_score" : {

            "filter" : {

                "terms" : {

                    "Apartment_bhk" : ["1bhk", "2bhk"]






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