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I have written an R script that pulls some data from a database, performs several operations on it and posts the output to a new database.

I would like this script to run every day at a specific time but I can not find any way to do this effectively.

Can anyone recommend a resource I could look at to solve this issue? I am running this script on a Windows machine.

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You can use Task Scheduler on Windows to schedule an R Script as follows:

  • Open Task Scheduler in All Programs

  • Create a new task

  • Under the Actions tab, create a new action

  •  Choose Start Program

  • Browse to the R script that you want to schedule

  • Input the name of your file in the arguments field

  • Input the path where the script is to be found in the Start in field

  • Go to the Triggers tab

  • Create a new trigger

  • Choose that task should be done each day, month, ... repeated several times, or however you like

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