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I want to create a contract on Ethereum to store data. I'm beginner on this domain...Do we have a better solution?

In this post, someone tell me to download a plugin. This is one way to do it, but I want to insert data in a block-chain with python (or other language).

I don't know where to start ... download Ethereum? Create an account?

Does it incur any cost? How much?

If contracts can be update, can I use Ethereum contract to prove work?

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Hi in order to get started

-Install the command line tools.

-I would not recommend
to start with the pyethapp (Python) or the eth (C++) client. Use geth (Golang) or parity (Rust). They are good to get started with and well documented.

-Create a hello world contract.

greeter is the most simple smart contract deployed using the command line.

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