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I have successfully deployed an ML web service using the Reader module to take in CSV data from my blob storage. I can see the CSV data is correct by visualizing it in the experiment.

However, when I try to provide the SAME CSV data as input to the web service using the BES example from this tutorial, I get the following error:

Error 1000: AFx Library exception: table: The data set being scored must

contain all features used during training, missing feature(s): 'Col 2'.

This error makes no sense as the SAME data is successfully accepted by the experiment.

Also, note that the same problem occurs when I use the TSV format.

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In the first cell, paste this code:

with open('input1data.csv','a') as myfile:

    myfile.write("col 1,col 2\n")




On the next cell, paste this:

with open('myresults.csv','r') as myfile:
    for line in myfile:

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