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Want to execute queries Async on Azure Storage Client Version 4.0.1

There is NO method ExecuteQueryAsync()..

I am missing something? Should we continue to use the ExecuteQuerySegmentedAsync still? Thanks.

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Make an extension as shown below:

public static async Task<IList<T>> ExecuteQueryAsync<T>(this CloudTable table, TableQuery<T> query, CancellationToken ct = default(CancellationToken), Action<IList<T>> onProgress = null) where T : ITableEntity, new()


        var items = new List<T>();

        TableContinuationToken token = null;



            TableQuerySegment<T> seg = await table.ExecuteQuerySegmentedAsync<T>(query, token);

            token = seg.ContinuationToken;


            if (onProgress != null) onProgress(items);

        } while (token != null && !ct.IsCancellationRequested);

        return items;


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