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I have started to use Tableau recently and was digging on Data Extract API. I understand that Tableau could connect to various data sources, pull data and create a tableau data extract file. I wanted to understand if we could read any *.tde file using Tableau jars for JAVA. I tried creating an extracted object from an existing tde file but it threw below exception

com.tableausoftware.TableauException: table name must be "Extract"

Request any inputs or pointers from someone who has worked on Tableau Data Extracts. 

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  • The current version of Tableau which is 8.1 extract API seems to be designed solely for creating and appending to extracts, not for reading from them. 

  • Of course, you can read from them using Tableau. This works fine for using extracts as a cache of an external data source. If you think of any case, the API may not support it.

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