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I am working on a web application, in which clicking on some link another popup window appears. The pop windows is not an alert but its a form with various fields to be entered by user and click "Next".

How can I handle/automate this popup windows using selenium.


  1. Click on the hyperlink (URL) - "CLICK HERE"
  2. A user registration form appears as a pop-up
  3. A data is to be filled by a user
  4. Click Next/Submit button.
  5. Another next redirected to another page/form 'User Personal Information Page'
  6. Personal information is to be filled by a user
  7. Click "Next/Submit"
  8. Popup disappeared.
  9. Now further processing on the original/Base page.

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Switching to a popup is challenging for at least two separate reasons:

The one that many people know, which is that you need to use driver.switch_to.window(window_handle) both when the popup appears, so that you can find elements in the popup window, and after the popup is closed, so that you can find elements back in the main window.

The one that only people with slow machines are likely to encounter, which is that when Selenium makes a window handle available as a variable, it's initially set to None, and takes a little while before it's filled in with a value.

Here's some code that addresses those issues while carrying out your requested sequence. I'm leaving out the import statements, and I'm using variable names that I hope are obvious. Also, note that I like to use find_element(s)_by_xpath in my code; feel free to use other find_element(s)_by methods:

main_window_handle = None while not main_window_handle: main_window_handle = driver.current_window_handle driver.find_element_by_xpath(u'//a[text()="click here"]').click() signin_window_handle = None while not signin_window_handle: for handle in driver.window_handles: if handle != main_window_handle: signin_window_handle = handle break driver.switch_to.window(signin_window_handle) driver.find_element_by_xpath(u'//input[@id="id_1"]').send_keys(user_text_1) driver.find_element_by_xpath(u'//input[@value="OK"]').click() driver.find_element_by_xpath(u'//input[@id="id_2"]').send_keys(user_text_2) driver.find_element_by_xpath(u'//input[@value="OK"]').click() driver.switch_to.window(main_window_handle) #or driver.switch_to_default_content()

I hope it helps!

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