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I am working on a simple CNN classifier using keras with the tensorflow background.

def cnnKeras(training_data, training_labels, test_data, test_labels, n_dim):

print("Initiating CNN")

seed = 8


model = Sequential()

model.add(Convolution2D(64, 1, 1, init='glorot_uniform', border_mode='valid',

                        input_shape=(16, 1, 1), activation='relu'))

model.add(MaxPooling2D(pool_size=(1, 1)))

model.add(Convolution2D(32, 1, 1, init='glorot_uniform', activation='relu'))

model.add(MaxPooling2D(pool_size=(1, 1)))



model.add(Dense(128, activation='relu'))


model.add(Dense(64, activation='relu'))

model.add(Dense(1, activation='softmax'))

# Compile model


              optimizer='adam', metrics=['accuracy']), training_labels, validation_data=(

    test_data, test_labels), nb_epoch=30, batch_size=8, verbose=2)

scores = model.evaluate(test_data, test_labels, verbose=1)

print("Baseline Error: %.2f%%" % (100 - scores[1] * 100))


return None

It is a binary classification problem, but I keep getting the message Received a label value of 1 which is outside the valid range of [0, 1) which does not make any sense to me. Any suggestions?

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The range (0, 1) means every number between 0 and 1, excluding 1. So 1 is not a value in the range [0, 1).

The issue could be due to your choice of the loss function. 

For binary classification, binary_crossentropy should be a better choice.

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Hope this answer helps.

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