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I have a date "10/10/11(m-d-y)" and I want to add 5 days to it using a Python script. Please consider a general solution that works on the month ends also.

I am using the following code:

import re

from datetime import datetime

StartDate = "10/10/11"

Date = datetime.strptime(StartDate, "%m/%d/%y")

print Date -> is printing '2011-10-10 00:00:00'

Now I want to add 5 days to this date. I used the following code:

EndDate =

Which returned this error:

name 'timedelta' is not defined

1 Answer

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import datetime

Then you'll have, using datetime.timedelta:

date_1 = datetime.datetime.strptime(start_date, "%m/%d/%y")

end_date = date_1 + datetime.timedelta(days=10)

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