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I am working on building a Tableau dashboard and just recently learned about the new Level-of-Detail calculations released in Tableau v9. The raw data is structured as follows:

User      Workflow Step      Time Spent in Workflow Step

1         a                  12

1         b                  9

1         c                  2

2         a                  7

2         b                  16

2         c                  4

3         a                  23

3         b                  1

3         c                  7

I am building a Tableau Text Table. For each user (User Dimension is placed in the Rows section) I want to display the workflow step with the maximum time spent by the user (User 1 = a, User 2 = b, etc). I am new to LoD calculations and can't figure out how to get this to work.

I have tried the following LoD calculation:

If [Time Spent in Workflow Step] = {Max([Time Spent in Workflow Step])} THEN 1 ELSE 0 END 

When I pull in workflow step as a dimension and use the calculation above as a filter (set equal to 1), I only get the single user with the longest time spent.

How do I make this calculation on a per-user level? 

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  • You just need to modify your calculation in this way:

[Time Spent in Workflow Step] = { FIXED [User]: MAX([Time Spent in Workflow Step])}

  • You need to specify the actual level of detail, in this case, it is [User].

  • You do not need the IF statement additionally. The above calculation will return a Boolean result (True/False). Now, place that in the filter card and set to TRUE.

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