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I tried to migrate a SQL Server database by Export Data-tier Application (.bacpac file) from an Amazon RDS instance to others, but import didn't succeed. So now I want to delete the database (which is empty) when I try to:

DROP DATABASE mydatabase;

I get the error: 

Cannot drop the database 'mydatabase', because it does not exist or you do not have permission

Some context:

  • I've tried using SQL Server Management Studio and choosing close connections: same error.
  • I'm logged as master user.
  • I can create and drop other databases, but not this one.
  • I just have these effective permissions on this database: CONNECT, SHOWPLAN, VIEW DATABASE STATE, VIEW DEFINITION (don't know why or how is this possible).

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We can use the RDSadmin rename function to change it to something else, this seems to fix the issue and allows you to drop it. 

EXEC rdsadmin.dbo.rds_modify_db_name N'<OldName>', N'<NewName>'

Use this to just drop the DB.

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