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I have a table having 14 million rows and I am trying to perform a full-text search on this table. The query for this is performing really slow, it is taking around 9 seconds for a simple binary AND query. The same stuff executes instantly on my private cluster. Size of this table is around 3.1 GB and it contains 14 million rows. Can someone explain this behaviour of RDS instance?

SELECT count(*) 

FROM table_name WHERE id=97

AND match(body) against ('+data +big' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

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When either the buffers are too small or there is a high IO rate which indicates memory insufficiency can make it slow. So check this:

If InnoDB: innodb_buffer_pool_size

If MyISAM: key_buffer_size and read_buffer_size

These are the two most important buffers. 

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