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I'm developing a mobile web app using Ionic and Salesforce1. One part of my app has a super simple form (2 inputs and a text area). The form works great on every device and browser except for within Salesforce1 on iOS. When I tap to focus on a any of these fields - keyboard pops up but nothing I type gets outputted to the input field or textarea.

A few observations...

  • It may have something to do with ionic being run inside of the Salesforce1 iframe container
  • It does work on mobile safari, when it is not in the salesforce1 iframe
  • I was able to get < input > fields working by inserting window.focus() into the top of the ionic method tapHandleFocus(ele)
  • Using Siri for voice input seems to work.
  • As I type, the keyboard will show suggested autocomplete words. If i tap these words, they are inserted into the fields as expected.
  • Once there is text in the field, it is possible to edit the field as expected.
  • My hunch/guess is that my initial tap focuses on a duplicated field that floats above/under/behind the shown (an Ionic thing). For some reasons typing individual characters isn't successfully putting the values in the shown field??

Let me know if there's any other info I can provide to be more helpful.

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So basically, Salesforce1 is a Cordova application which is hosted through the Salesforce platform. Primarily, you get to proclaim pages (web single-page app) which are allowed inside of the Salesforce1 app as a tab. So, my application is radically just one design of the app so I don’t have origin access to what Cordova does or doesn’t load.

Also, on IOS any text inputs open the virtual keyboard and scroll the view to the current text input but when you type nothing happens and no characters so in the input. Looking into the keyboard until I think it is either keyboardInit() or keyboardShow().

function keyboardInit() {
function keyboardShow(element, elementTop, elementBottom, viewportHeight, keyboardHeight) {

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