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In MySQL, you can use the syntax

DELETE t1,t2 

FROM table1 AS t1 

INNER JOIN table2 t2 ...

INNER JOIN table3 t3 ...

How do I do the same thing in SQL Server?

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You can try using the "deleted" pseudo table in this example like this:

begin transaction;

 declare @deletedIds table ( id int );

   delete from t1

   output into @deletedIds

   from table1 as t1

    inner join table2 as t2

      on =

    inner join table3 as t3

      on =;

 delete from t2

   from table2 as t2

    inner join @deletedIds as d

      on =;

    delete from t3

   from table3 as t3 ...

commit transaction;

You can also do 'output deleted.' on the second delete as well, if you want something to join on for the third table.You can also do inserted.* on an insert statement, and both should be inserted.* and deleted.* on an update statement.

Note: You need to consider adding the trigger on table1 to delete from table2 + 3.You'll be inside the implicit transaction, and will also have the "inserted." and "deleted." pseudo-tables available.

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