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I need to know how to make a SQL query run daily using a SQL Server Agent job, with minimum required configuration settings.

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  • Try to expand the SQL Server Agent node and right-click on the Jobs node in SQL Server Agent and select 'New Job'.
  • Enter the name of the job and description of the 'General' tab in the 'New Job' window.
  • Select the 'Steps' which you will get it on the left-hand side of the window and click on 'New' tab at the bottom.
  • Enter the step name and select the database you want the query to run against, in the 'Steps' window.
  • Paste in the T-SQL command you want to run into the Command window and then click on 'OK'.
  • Now, click on the 'Schedule' menu on the left of the New Job window and press the schedule information (e.g. daily and a time).
  • Finally, click on 'OK' - and it will be set.

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