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I need to change text to hyperlink text in MS Word with a blue prism. I get it working with the code below, but it creates the wrong full path C:\Users\me199ur\Desktop\testfolder\

I just need

And without the Anchor or not object Anchor (e.g. String) it throws the error

Dim document As Object = GetDocument(handle,document_name) Dim range As Object = document.Range Dim i As Integer range.Find.Forward = True Do While range.Find.Execute(current_text) If True Then range.Text = new_text range.Bold = new_bold range.Hyperlinks.Add (range, "") End If i = range.End range.Start = i Loop

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you should do this :

Add http:// to your hyperlink as in, when you need to hyperlink a website.

Without http:// or the protocol, any text is considered as an anchor or bookmark within your document.

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