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I have a JSON date data set and trying to calculate the time difference between two different JSON DateTime.

For example :

'2015-01-28T21:41:38.508275' - '2015-01-28T21:41:34.921589'

Please look at the python code below:

#let's say 'time' is my data frame and JSON formatted time values are under the 'due_date' column

time_spent = time.iloc[2]['due_date'] - time.iloc[10]['due_date']

This doesn't work. I also tried to cast each operand to int, but it also didn't help. What are the different ways to perform this calculation?

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Use parser from dateutil.


from dateutil.parser import parse

first_date_obj = parse("2015-01-28T21:41:38.508275")

second_date_obj = parse("2015-02-28T21:41:38.508275")

print(second_date_obj - first_date_obj)

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