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I'm trying to graph Exponential and Logistic Population Models for my Differential Equations subject as part of its requirements, this is my code so far, it gets an error when I run it, what should I replace/do for this to run?

import numpy as np

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import math

from IPython.display import clear_output

print("Utilize Which Growth Model of Population? (Type A or B)")


print("A Exponential Growth Model")

print("B Logistic Growth Model")


A = int(1)

# Exponential Growth Model

B = int(2)

# Logistic Growth Model

C = input("Growth Model of choice : ")


if C == "A":

    # Definition of Parameters

    print("The Differential Equation of your chosen growth model is P'(t) = r*P(t)")


    print("Where r = growth parameter")

    print("Where P(t) = total population at a certain time t")

    print("Where t = time")


    # Explanation of Differential Equation

    print("This equation can be considered as the exponential differential equation")

    print("because its solution is P(t) = P(0)*e^r*t ; where P(0) = Initial Population")


    print("This equation can be portrayed by using this graph : ")

    # Graph Code

    x, y = np.meshgrid(np.linspace(-50, 50, 10), np.linspace(-50, 50, 10))

    r = float(input("Encode Growth Parameter :"))

    t = float(input("At how many years do you want to solve? :"))

    P = float(input("Encode Population Count :"))

    P = y

    t = x

    x = np.asarray(x, dtype="float64")

    Un = u / P * (math.exp ** (r * t))

    Vn = u / P * (math.exp ** (r * t))

    plt.quiver(x, y, Un, Vn)

    plt.plot([8, 12, 25, 31], [1, 16, 20, 40])

if C == "B":

    print("The Differential Equation of your chosen growth model is y' = k*y*(M-y)")


    print("Where k = slope of the function")

    print("Where y = y-value at the specific point")

    print("Where M = limit of y as x approaches infinity")


    print("This equation is derived using *** ")

I ran this code in python and I expected it to run as I have seen through examples online, but instead I got an "unsupported operand type(s) for ** or pow(): 'builtin_function_or_method' and 'float'" what does this mean?

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You are getting this error because use are using math.exp as a number, it is actually a function that will raise e to the power of the number you pass in as argument eg”:

math.exp(1) will give you the output as e^1 which is 2.718281828459045

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