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I am desperately trying to download the Ta-Feng grocery dataset for few days but appears that all links are broken. I needed for data mining / machine learning research for my msc thesis. I also have the Microsoft grocery database, the Belgian store and Supermarket.arff from Weka. However in the research they say Ta Feng is largest and most interesting from all public available data sets.
Download link for Ta Feng Grocery dataset
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I am desperately trying to find a database for my thesis. Could you please share the location of the Microsoft grocery database and  the Belgian store database?

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It is one of the biggest publicly available datasets containing 4 months of shopping transactions of the Ta-Feng supermarket. Here is a link for everybody that needs it:

Hope this answer helps you! Also, refer the Machine Learning Tutorial for more specific details like this one.

If you want to know more about Machine Learning then watch this video:

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