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In a model's Meta class, I define a unique_together. I have a ModelForm based on this model. When I call is_valid on this ModelForm, an error will automatically raised if unique_together validation fails. That's all good.

Now my problem is that I'm not satisfied with the default unique_together error message. I want to override it. How can I do that? For a field related error, I can easily do that by setting error_messages on the field parameters. But unique_together is a non field error. How can I override a non field error message?

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You can easily try this in Django 1.7

from django.forms import ModelForm

from django.core.exceptions import NON_FIELD_ERRORS

class ArticleForm(ModelForm):

    class Meta:

        error_messages = {

            NON_FIELD_ERRORS: {

                'unique_together': "%(model_name)s's %(field_labels)s are not unique.",



To know more about this you can have a look at the following video:-

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