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I can be given a string in any of these formats:

I would like to extract the host and if present a port. If the port value is not present I would like it to default to 80.

I have tried urlparse, which works fine for the url, but not for the other format. When I use urlparse on hostname: port, for example, it puts the hostname in the scheme rather than netloc.

I would be happy with a solution that uses urlparse and a regex, or a single regex that could handle both formats.

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By using regex, you can do something like this:

p = '(?:http.*://)?(?P<host>[^:/ ]+).?(?P<port>[0-9]*).*'

m =,'')'host') # '''port') # '123'

Or, without port:

m =,'')'host') # '''port') # '' i.e. you'll have to treat this as '80'

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