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Is that any way that I can get first element of Seires without have information on index.

For example,We have a Series

    import pandas as pd







prints out SUBJECTS:

    print (SUBJECTS[SUBJECTS.initials==key]['ID'])

    145    146

    Name: ID, dtype: int64

How can I get the value here 146 without using index 145?

Thank you very much

1 Answer

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You can extract the column by using iloc() rather accessing by column number:

In [11]: df = pd.DataFrame([[1, 2], [3, 4]], ['a', 'b'], ['A', 'B'])

In [12]: df


   A  B

a  1  2

b  3  4

In [13]: df.iloc[0]  # first row in a DataFrame


A    1

B    2

Name: a, dtype: int64

In [14]: df['A'].iloc[0]  # first item in a Series (Column)

Out[14]: 1

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