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I am trying to replicate an example found on MSDN. I am using ASP.NET and EF 4.1 (CTP?). I've used NuGet to install the EntityFramework package.

I am getting this error: The provider did not return a ProviderManifestToken string ... and the database is never created.

Here is my connection string:

<add name="HospitalContext"


   "data source=.\SQLExpress;initial catalog=NewTestDB;integrated security=True;"


Here is my code:

var pat = new Patient { Name = "Shane123132524356436435234" };


var labResult = new LabResult { Result = "bad", Patient = pat };

int recordAffected = db.SaveChanges();

Here is my context:

public class HospitalContext : DbContext


    static HospitalContext()


        Database.SetInitializer(new HostpitalContextInitializer());


    public DbSet<Patient> Patients { get; set; }

    public DbSet<LabResult> LabResults { get; set; }


public class HostpitalContextInitializer :



    protected override void Seed(HospitalContext context)


        context.Patients.Add(new Patient { Name = "Fred Peters" });

        context.Patients.Add(new Patient { Name = "John Smith" });

        context.Patients.Add(new Patient { Name = "Karen Fredricks" });



This is a fully patched SQL 2008 system, with VS 2010 SP1.

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It looks like you may be getting a simple SQL login failure for the user. So, first, check the Inner Exception.