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Im trying to avoid a hardcoding situation in my code

if have a Customer queryset for example the columns are (name,phone,email….)

so if I do

customer = Customer.objects.get(name = 'bbc')

# to get the values of each field I need to do


to avoid having to do this as I need to compare each field in an If statement to make a not of any changes from a form I made a list that contains the column name

Example of the if statement

if == some variable or == some vairiable …..

I made a list that contains the column name to avoid this issue

list = ['name', 'phone' , 'email']

when I do this

for loop 

if customer.list[i] == some variable

I get an error customer doesn't contain attribute list

how can I get around this issue

thanks in advance

1 Answer

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You can use the getattr function which is built into python. You need to pass the object and attribute name as string to use it. Like this:

if any(getattr(customer, li) == some_variable for li in mylist):

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