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I'm deploying Docker containers (detached) to an AWS EC2 registry using CodeDeploy. On deploy, the following command is run after setting some environmental variables etc:

exec docker run -d ${PORTS} -v cache-${CACHE_VOLUME} --env-file $(dirname $0)/docker.env --tty "${IMAGE}:${TAG}"

The container runs an image located and tagged in EC2 Container Service. No problems so far.

Since this is a PHP application (specifically a Symfony2 application) I would normally need to issue the following command to execute database migrations on deployment:

 php app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate --no-interaction

Now, is there any to run this command during "docker run..." while keeping the container running, or do I need to run another container specifically for this command?

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An entrypoint has to be created which runs at the startup of the container.

entrypoint.sh file:

#create or update db

./waitforit.sh <DB_HOST>:<DP_PORT> -t 30

php app/console doctrine:migrations:execute 

# start apache


This is the link for the GitHub repo which has the script which is waited when the database is started up.

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