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I'm using placeholders for text inputs which are working out just fine. But I'd like to use a placeholder for my selectboxes as well. Of course, I can just use this code:


    <option value="">Select your option</option>

    <option value="hurr">Durr</option>


But the 'Select your option' is in black instead of light grey. So my solution could possibly be CSS-based. jQuery is fine too.

This only makes the option grey in the dropdown (so after clicking the arrow):

option:first {

    color: #999;


Edit: The question is: how do people create placeholders in selectboxes? But it has already been answered, cheers.

And using these results in the selected value always being grey (even after selecting a real option):

select {



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Try the code given below:


<option value="" disabled selected>Select your option</option>

<option value="hurr">Try another option</option>


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