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The application I work on contains a web role: it's a simple web application. I needed to host the application in Windows Azure, so I created a web role. I actually want to know what these roles are for. What is their significance coding wise or storage wise?

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Web roles and Worker Roles are basically two types of Azure Cloud Services roles and the only difference between the two is how your role is hosted on the VMs.

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Web roles are the type of applications which are hosted in IIS. Also, it helps in the automated deployment and hosting of your application using IIS.

Worker roles, these are the processes which can perform some operations such as: 

  1. Upload, compress images automatically.
  2. Manages the databases like running scripts whenever something changes in your database.
  3. It obtains new messages from queues and processes.
  4. Most Importantly, it is any role that runs applications and service level tasks that usually do not require IIS, as it not installed in worker roles by default.
  5. You can use them for supporting background processes.

At last, VM roles are nothing but, used for hosting VMs.

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