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Where do the environment variables under Jenkins ( manage Jenkins -> system information ) come from?

I checked /etc/init.d/tomcat5 , /usr/bin/dtomcat5, /usr/bin/tomcat5 , /etc/sysconfig/tomcat5 and /etc/profile but do not see any such variables there specially the ones related to Oracle ( Base, Home, Ld_lib path etc) . Tomcat's bashrc has some oracle related variables which I commented out but I still see the same in the Jenkins system info page. Any directions?

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The environment variables displayed in Jenkins (Manage Jenkins -> System information) are inherited from the system (i.e. inherited environment variables)

If you run an environment command in a shell then you will see the same environment variables as Jenkins shows.

variables are set by the shell/system or by you in ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile.

Jenkins when a job executes It also set environment variables, but these are not displayed in the System Information.

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