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I have recently started using Tableau but am still very new to it. I don't know enough of the Tableau vocabulary to be able to find this answer through brute force googling. Hopefully some one here can help point me in a good direction.

I have a simple table of data, containing the columns and types: Date (Date), ID (Numerical), and Status (Text)

I want to be able to generate a report that has: Date, and Percent of the IDs on that date where the Status is "Complete."

In SQL I could do this by running a query along the lines of:

select date, (count(status like "Complete")/count(status)*100) from table

group by date;

Where can I look for this in Tableau? I tried creating a new Calculated measure in the sheet I am working on, but I couldn't find any built in functions that would add this ability. Thanks for any assistance. 

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  1.  status = complete and drag your "Status" field into the Filter 
  1.  "Date" into the "Rows" feild. Which sets the default to the Year of the date.

  2. A bar chart will be created

  3. Double click on the "Number of Records" measure, and it will add it to your sheet.

  4. Convert it to percentage

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