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I have a Debian system currently running with python 2.5.4. I got virtualenv properly installed, everything is working fine. Is there a possibility that I can use a virtualenv with a different version of Python?

I compiled Python 2.6.2 and would like to use it with some virtualenv. Is it enough to overwrite the binary file? Or do I have to change something in respect to the libraries?

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It can be done just by using the --python. When you are creating your virtualenv instance to specify the Python executable file you should use the following command:-


virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python2.6 <path/to/new/virtualenv/>

For Python 3.6 you can use the following command  for creating the virtual environment:

python3 -m venv <myenvname>

For the python version (3.3+), use either the above method or the script pyvenv the command is as follows:-

pyvenv /path/to/new/virtual/environment

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