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I know that we can easily use ng-repeat for json objects or arrays like:

<div ng-repeat="user in users"></div>

but how can we use the ng-repeat for dictionaries, for example:

var users = null; 

users["182982"] = "{...json-object...}"; 

users["198784"] = "{...json-object...}"; 

users["119827"] = "{...json-object...}";

I want to use that with the users' dictionary:

<div ng-repeat="user in users"></div>

Is it possible?. If yes, how can I do it in AngularJs?

Example for my question: In C# we define dictionaries like:

Dictionary<key,value> dict = new Dictionary<key,value>(); 

//and then we can search for values, without knowing the keys foreach(var val in dict.Values) {


Is there a built-in function that returns the values from a dictionary-like in c#?

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You can use the following ways to use ng-repeat for dictionaries in AngularJS:-

<li ng-repeat="(name, age) in items">{{name}}: {{age}}</li>

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