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I am trying to start a local Kubernetes cluster using minikube start and getting the following error.

Starting local Kubernetes v1.10.0 cluster...

Starting VM...

Getting VM IP address...

Moving files into cluster...

Setting up certs...

Connecting to the cluster...

Setting up kubeconfig...

Starting cluster components...

E0912 17:39:12.486830   17689 start.go:305] Error restarting cluster:  restarting Kube-proxy: waiting for Kube-proxy to be up for configMap update: timed out waiting for the condition 


Any idea of how to ensure it starts? I am using VirtualBox and this tutorial. I tried the tip given here but without luck.

Also, any specific reason why it takes so long to even reach this stage? Or is it usually this slow?

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For this type of errors, we basically need to take care of some points and those are

1.Close the virtual box if opened

2. Delete the previous temp file that is generated

3. Set this to the proxy if you are behind it

And then run the following commands which help to delete and start the minikube again, 

minikube stop

minikube delete

minikube start

This will solve your issue it some times occurs due to proxy issues and previous temp files that can be resolved by this.

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