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Is it possible to get the ARN of an S3 bucket via the AWS command line?

I have looked through the documentation for aws s3api ... and aws s3 ... and have not found a way to do this.

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The Amazon Resource Name for buckets are always :


This means, if you know the bucket name then you also know the ARN which makes it simpler to understand and you don’t need to get it from anywhere.

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An ARN is a non-opaque, constructible identifier, apparently by design. They aren't at all likely to change the documented rules for the S3 ARN format. The cn-north-1 region is a special case, as is GovCloud because those are completely cordoned off from the global AWS partition, not accessible with the same sets of keys. If you're working in multiple partitions, you have to know which partition you're dealing with.

Hope this answer helps you!

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