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Say I have the following dataframe:


What is the most efficient way to update the values of the columns feat and another_feat where the stream is number 2?

Is this it?

for index, row in df.iterrows():

    if df1.loc[index,'stream'] == 2:

       # do something

UPDATE: What to do if I have more than a 100 columns? I don't want to explicitly name the columns that I want to update. I want to divide the value of each column by 2 (except for the stream column).

So to be clear what my goal is:

Dividing all values by 2 of all rows that have stream 2, but not changing the stream column

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c       2        aaaa         aaaa

b       2        aaaa         aaaa

Use loc for updating two columns to same value:

df1.loc[df1['stream'] == 2, ['feat','another_feat']] = 'aaaa'

print df1

   stream        feat another_feat

a       1  some_value   some_value

d       3  some_value   some_value

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