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I need to format a float to "n"decimal places.

was trying to BigDecimal, but the return value is not correct...

public static float Redondear(float pNumero, int pCantidadDecimales) {

    // the function is call with the values Redondear(625.3f, 2)

    BigDecimal value = new BigDecimal(pNumero);

    value = value.setScale(pCantidadDecimales, RoundingMode.HALF_EVEN); // here the value is correct (625.30)

    return value.floatValue(); // but here the values is 625.3


I need to return a float value with the number of decimal places that I specify.

I need Float value return not Double

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You may also allow the float value, and try:

String.format("%.2f", floatValue);

Here's the Documentation

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