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I'm getting the following error:

[email protected]:/$ mongo 

MongoDB shell version: 2.2.0 

connecting to: test 

Thu Oct 11 11:46:53 Error: couldn't connect to server src/mongo/shell/mongo.js:91 

exception: connect failed 

[email protected]:/$

This is what happens when I try to start MongoDB:

* Starting database mongodb [fail]

I already tried mongo --repair

I made chown and chmod to var, lib, and data/db and log MongoDB.

Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?

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To connect to the server you must run the commands below in order to get up the mongod process:

sudo service mongodb stop 

sudo rm /var/lib/mongodb/mongod.lock 

sudo mongod --repair --dbpath /var/lib/mongodb 

sudo mongod --fork --logpath /var/lib/mongodb/mongodb.log --dbpath /var/lib/mongodb 

sudo service mongodb start