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Amazon's EC2 service offers a variety of Linux and Windows OS choices, but I haven't found a service offering a similar "rent by the hour" service for a remote Mac OS X virtual machine. Does such a service exist? (iCloud looks to be just a data storage service, rather than a service allowing remote login, etc.)

Such a virtual machine service would be very useful for testing software in a reproducible, "neutral" location.

Just to be clear, I'm referring to services similar to EC2's on-demand or spot instances, where the machine (or virtual machine) is rented per hour, rather than typical web hosting services that involve a monthly subscription. 

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First, let me provide you with some sites which can provide your solution

These are some Mac OS X hosting sites, as I have used MacStadium and macincloud I prefer MacStadium because they provide faster speeds for lesser costs compared to the other sites. But you should always investigate all the sites before choosing an option for your needs.