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I would like to know how to delete a commit.

By delete, I mean it is as if I didn't make that commit, and when I do a push in the future, my changes will not push to the remote branch.

I read git help, and I think the command I should use is git reset --hard HEAD. Is this correct?

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Case 1: Assuming you are sitting on that commit, then this command will nuke the last commit

git reset --hard HEAD~1

Case 2: Take a look at the output of git log, find the commit id of the commit you want to delete, and then do this:

git reset --hard <sha1-commit-id>

Case 3: If you already pushed it, then you need to do a force push to get rid of it.

git push origin HEAD --force

For more commands like this please go through the following tutorial that will help you understand the git


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Thanks, this worked to me and is there any problem in future if we use --force option.
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--force option will force push the changes (and overwrite the previous push in this case).

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