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I'm working on an app that has video streaming functionality. I'm using a firebase database and firebase storage. I'm trying to find some documentation on how firebase storage handles video files, but can't really find much.

There's mention in the docs that firebase storage works with other google app services to allow for CDN and video streaming, but all searches seem to lead to a dead end. Any advice?


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Firebase by Google can be used for the following:

  • Firebase manages all data real-time in the database. So, the exchange of data to and fro from the database is easy and quick. Hence,  you can use Firebase, if you are looking to develop mobile apps such as live streaming, chat messages, etc.

  • It allows syncing the real-time data across all the devices- Android, iOS, and the web without refreshing the screen

  • It offers integration to Google Ads, AdMob, DoubleClick, Play Store, Data Studio, BigQuery, and Slack, to make your app development with efficient and accurate management and maintenance

  • In Firebase from databases, analytics to crashing reports everything is included. So, the app development teams can stay focused on improving the user experience.

What are the benefits of Firebase?

The following list shows various benefits of Firebase.

  • Create Applications without a backend server.

  • No need extra money spent on the backend server.

  • Sync real-time data in the application.

  • Quick display data in the application.

  • Faster than any backend web services.

  • No SQL database so it is faster.

  • Social networking site login access can be granted.

  • Push notification.

  • Analytics.

  • Crash reports.

  • Cloud storage

  • Test Lab.

  • Dynamic Linking.

  • Auto Backup.

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