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I would like to transfer ownership of the Google Cloud project completely. By completely I mean rather than sharing ownership between multiple users, removing my account from the project. Is there any way to do it?

Thanks in advance


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Follow the below process:

  1. Navigate to your project by browsing

  2. Click the "hamburger" icon, then click on the Menu Button.

  3. Select and "IAM" under "IAM & admin" 

  4. On the top, there is an "ADD" icon, click on ADD.

  5. Name the new Owner and select "Owner" under "Project" Select Owner under Project

  6. Instruct your new Owner to Accept the Invitation

  7. On the new Owner's account, go to Billing in the "hamburger" menu and either link the project to an existing billing account or set up a new Billing account to link the project to.

  8. On the new Owner's account, go back to the IAM section to delete your account from the list by clicking the pencil on the right and then the Pencil trash can icon, your ownership will be successfully transferred to the new owner. 

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