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I'm building a Python application and don't want to force my clients to install Python and modules. I also want to make my application closed-source.

So, is there a way to compile Python scripts to standalone executables?

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You can try using PyInstaller to package Python programs as standalone executables. It'll works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

PyInstaller Quickstart

Try to Install PyInstaller from PyPI:

pip install pyinstaller

Now, go to your program’s directory and run:


This will generate the bundle in a subdirectory called dist.

For more detailed information, refer to this:

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You can use py2exe as already answered and use cython to convert your key .py files in .pyc, C compiled files, like .dll on Windows and .so on Linux, much harder to revert than common .pyo and .pyc files and also gain in performance.

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you can use pyActiveExe to generate a standalone program for C,python,C#,C++,javascript,Go,Java,vbs...languages' calls.

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