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I want to use OpenCV2.0 and Python2.6 to show resized images. I used and adopted the example at 

but unfortunately, this code is for OpenCV2.1 and seems not to be working on 2.0. Here my code:

import os, glob

import cv

ulpath = "exampleshq/"

for infile in glob.glob( os.path.join(ulpath, "*.jpg") ):

    im = cv.LoadImage(infile)

    thumbnail = cv.CreateMat(im.rows/10, im.cols/10, cv.CV_8UC3)

    cv.Resize(im, thumbnail)


    cv.ShowImage(infile, thumbnail)



Since I cannot use


I used


instead, which was no problem in other applications. Nevertheless, cv.iplimage has no attribute rows, cols or size. Can anyone give me a hint, how to solve this problem? Thanks.

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You can use the below-mentioned code to resize the image:-

import cv2 

img = cv2.imread('YOUR_PATH_TO_IMG') 

height, width = img.shape[:2] 

max_height = 300 

max_width = 300 

if max_height < height or max_width < width: 

scaling_factor = max_height / float(height) 

if max_width/float(width) < scaling_factor: 

scaling_factor = max_width / float(width)

img = cv2.resize(img, None, fx=scaling_factor, 

fy=scaling_factor, interpolation=cv2.INTER_AREA)

cv2.imshow("Shrinked image", img) 

key = cv2.waitKey()

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