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I am trying to create a .csv file with the values from a Python list. When I print the values in the list they are all Unicode (?), i.e. they look something like this

[u'value 1', u'value 2', ...]

If I iterate through the values in the list i.e. for v in mylist: print v they appear to be plain text.

And I can put a, between each with print ','.join(mylist)

And I can output to a file, i.e.

myfile = open(...) 

print >>myfile, ','.join(mylist)

But I want to output to a CSV and have delimiters around the values in the list e.g.

"value 1", "value 2", ...

I can't find an easy way to include the delimiters in the formatting, e.g. I have tried through the join statement. How can I do this?

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You canm use the below-mentioned code to create a .csv file with values from a python list:- 

import csv 

with open(..., 'wb') as myfile: 

wr = csv.writer(myfile, quoting=csv.QUOTE_ALL)


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