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I'm currently having problems in creating a schema for the document below. The response from the server always returns the "trk" field values as [Object]. Somehow I have no idea how this should work, as I tried at least all approaches which made sense to me ;-)

If this helps, my Mongoose version is 3.6.20 and MongoDB 2.4.7 And before I forget, it would be nice to also set it as Index (2d)

Original data:

"_id": ObjectId("51ec4ac3eb7f7c701b000000"), 

"gpx": { 

"metadata": { 

"desc": "Nürburgring VLN-Variante", 

"country": "de", 

"isActive": true 


"trk": [ 

"lat": 50.3299594, 

"lng": 6.9393006 


"lat": 50.3295046, 

"lng": 6.9390688 


"lat": 50.3293714, 

"lng": 6.9389939 


"lat": 50.3293284, 

"lng": 6.9389634 



Mongoose Schema:

var TrackSchema = Schema({ 

_id: Schema.ObjectId, 

gpx: { 

metadata: { 

desc: String, 

country: String, 

isActive: Boolean 


trk: [{lat:Number, lng:Number}] 

}, { collection: "tracks" });

The response from the Network tab in Chrome always looks like this (that's only the trk-part which is wrong) :

{ trk: 

[ [Object], 






I already tried different Schema definitions for "trk":

  1. trk: Schema.Types.Mixed

  2. trk: [Schema.Types.Mixed]

  3. trk:[ { type:[Number], index: "2d" }]

Hope you can help me ;-)

2 Answers

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If you want to define an object in array in Mongoose schema correctly with 2d geo index then you can declare trk by the following ways: -

trk : [{ 

lat : String, 

lng : String 


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When you were sending the response, you were converting it to a string via .toString().

To avoid that action, you have to change the parameter to :

fields: [


      name: String,

      type: {

        type: { type: String }


      registrationEnabled: Boolean,

      checkinEnabled: Boolean



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